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Montelektro finds education of operating and maintenance personnel an important part of our job. On-the-job training presents a standard part of our delivery. Additionally, in accordance with our Customers, classroom trainings on-site or off-site are organized.



Trainings – Automation/HMI


Depending on the automation system used (Brewmaxx, Montelektro PCS…), different training concepts are organized.
Generally, trainings are organized in the following way:



Training – basic (operators) – 1 day
Goal: to present the HMI system and its functionality to end users



  • Automation System Concept
  • ISA S88 model
  • Application overview
  • Process Graphics
  • Control modules
  • Technological classes
  • Working with sequences
  • Messages
  • Trends
  • Recipes
  • Procedures
  • Job lists/Scheduler
  • Reports


Training – advanced (technologists, automation specialists) – 2 days
Goal: to present the HMI system and its functionality to advanced users



Topics: all topics covered in Basic training, plus:


  • Video mode (Brewmaxx)
  • Event log (Brewmaxx), CM and Unit logs (Montelektro PCS)
  • Material management (Brewmaxx)
  • Configuration
  • Backup & Restore Procedures


Training – exercises


Tasks are foreseen as a preparation for the exam.
Training attendees go through practical exercises covering all discussed topics.


Training – final exam


Attendees answer a single choice test to prove understanding of the training. The participants get to know how to use the HMI system (advanced) options related to control and monitoring of production.



Trainings – Electrical


Goal: To present the electrical system with its functionality to end users (electricians, automation department).

Electrical training can be offered only with Montelektro supplied hardware.



  • Introduction
  • Electrical system concept
    • Power distribution
    • Earthing and bonding
    • Profibus network
    • Emergency system
  • Electrical panels
    • Electrical panel room layout
    • Main control panels
      • Power distribution section
      • Motor groups section
      • PLC section
    • Field panels
      • Power supply for field panel
      • Field panel layout
  • How to read documentation
    • Designation system
    • Wiring and terminals
  • Troubleshooting & maintenance
    • Power distribution circuit breaker
    • Auxiliary power supply MCB
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Phase failure relay
    • Motor Control
      • Direct on line (DOL)
      • Variable speed drive (VSD)
      • Soft starter (SS)
    • Air preparation group
    • Pneumatic pilot valve
    • LOTO zones
    • Vessel safety


Montelektro can adjust the training concept to the Customer’s needs.


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