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LV & MV Power Distribution

Energy distribution is one of the most important, indispensable segments of every factory. Only a quality and stable power supply system enables the smooth functioning of the plant.


To provide its clients with the energy distribution adjusted to the complete automation system, Montelektro offers LV&MV distribution as a separate service or within the turnkey project.
We use equipment produced by ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, but can also use any other brand that is upon the client’s request.


LV and MV distribution include:

  • Application design
  • Project documentation
  • Selection of equipment of low voltage or medium voltage distribution
  • Delivery of equipment: protection cabinets and other control and protection equipment and:
  • LV panels, power and signal cables for LV distribution
  • MV switchgear, transformers (oil and dry type), MV, LV and signal cables for MV distribution
  • Erection and connection of equipment
  • Commissioning, testing, and start-up

Montelektro also installs big power Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply equipment (D-UPS) based on flywheel technology or voltage stabilizers (SRT) of a high capacity when the power supply network is unstable or stable incoming power supply is very demanding.


Therefore, ride-through time may be up to 14 seconds with a 100% load which ensures enough time for diesel generator start-up.


We also install new bypass, switchover panels, interconnection power, and signal cables to integrate them into existing power supply distribution of D-UPS or SRT equipment.
In selecting convenient equipment Montelektro performs power supply quality measurements according to EN50160.


During implementing each project related to MV or LV distribution, we make testing, measuring, validation and thermo-vision recordings.