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Turnkey solutions

Rapid technology development and continuous changes in market trends result in an increasing need to modernize the production processes in all industries. Because of that, more and more companies are looking for complete solutions that can help them achieve the desired business goals.

There are several reasons why companies should choose turnkey solutions instead of solutions separately provided by different service providers:


  • Significant optimization of costs and increase of savings
  • More efficient improvement of commissioning and start-up phases
  • Clear division of responsibilities as a result of minimizing the need for client’s efforts to manage the project and coordinate activities
  • Decrease of maintenance activities and reduction of operational costs ensured with standardized and more robust plant electrical & automation design
  • Single support service contract for the entire plant


Turnkey solutions provided by Montelektro include all these advantages as they are capable of meeting the requirements and needs of various clients and applied from small and simple – to the most demanding and complex projects.


Our industrial automation turnkey solutions thus include:


Electrical design

  • Design and installation of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage distribution
  • Electrical engineering/Control panels design and manufacturing
  • Installation material specification and delivery
  • Installation
  • Packing and worldwide delivery




  • Process Control System design and delivery
  • IT infrastructure design end delivery
  • Automation software engineering and testing
  • Various MES solution integration and development, including interfaces with other systems (SAP, QUALASS, etc.)
  • Commissioning, start-up, and process optimization
  • Training


Project management

  • Overall project management
  • Subproject management
  • Site management


After project support

  • Maintenance
  • After-sales support, including 24/7 availability