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Once we deliver automation and electrical engineering projects to our customers, we also provide the electrical installation and commissioning service.

Montelektro bears full responsibility for each project implementation and has a complete infrastructure to carry out the project in cooperation with various specialists at the company.

The work is fully controlled and coordinated, and we aim to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time. We have several outstanding teams specialized in installation and commissioning, capable of making a reconstruction with a minimal impact on the regular production.

This service includes the following segments :


1.   Installation:

  • Cable routes (trays, ladders, mesh wires, conduits)
  • Medium voltage distribution panels and transformers
  • Low voltage distribution panels
  • Peripheral and control panels
  • Cabling of power (MV & LV), control, and communication cables (laying, connecting, and tagging)
  • Grounding, lightning, and bonding system


2.  Testing of the MV and LV installation according to norm IEC 60364-6:2006:


3. Complete testing of the equipment and instruments


4. Commissioning and system tests


Power distribution (Low-voltage & medium-voltage)