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DIGITAL FACTORY PORTAL – DFP, Industry 4.0 platform by Montelektro



With DFP, we empower clients with the tools to manage and optimize their data efficiently.


Companies today face challenging and dynamic market trends that constantly require them to improve their products and services. Fortunately, technology development provides many opportunities to meet these demands and drive digital transformation, which is now a key requirement for businesses to maintain their market position and achieve their goals. 


Our team specializes in automation for breweries and is focused on understanding the real needs of our clients and following technological trends. As a result of our deep knowledge of all particularities of the brewing industry, we have created a state-of-the-art solution to enable breweries’ digitalization – the Digital Factory Portal (DFP), an Industry 4.0 platform by Montelektro. 


DFP is a Manufacturing Execution System solution suitable for small and large breweries and other food and beverage factories. It helps them improve production and product quality, reduce costs, and provide a quick and real-time overview of the brewing process – from raw materials intake to the final product ready for delivery. 


This solution coordinates and connects all units in the brewing process, controls and analyzes product quality, tracks energy usage, optimizes maintenance activities, and supports transport and shipping. It is seamlessly integrated with ERP and PCS, ensuring immediate traceability and product genealogy. 


DFP also detects bottlenecks, downtime, and causes of problems at an early stage, contributing to efficient company management and helping businesses achieve their goals.











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