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Prevention of conflicts of interest

As a customer, Montelektro is in a conflict of interests with the listed economic entities


Montelektro d.o.o. , Kudeji 53, 51 215 Kastav, Croatia (OIB:45522650856) announces that, in the purchasing procedures that are to be implemented following the Rules on the implementation of purchasing procedures for the non-obligers of the Public Procurement Law, Annex 3, version 7.0 from December 2020, is not allowed to conclude contracts with the related companies and natural persons (as bidder, part of bidder society or subcontractor) with the following entities:



• SERVISI ELEKTRO d.o.o., Brunjakova 26, Pula, OIB: 53769217248
• SENEKA, d.o.o., Presika 70a, Labin, OIB: 11365519384
• E – CUBE d.o.o., Žegoti 6/1, Kastav, OIB: 01117620311
• LLC “MONTELEKTRO UA”, Prospect Peremohy 62, Chernihiv, Ukraine, 14000, VAT: UA42328982
• MUZICA d.o.o., Srdoči 60, Rijeka, OIB: 00446764315
• LEKTOR d.o.o., Radnička cesta 55A, Zagreb, OIB: 80756095319