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Customer Satisfaction: Our primary aim is to fulfil the expectations of our customers and to meet market requirements. By cooperating with the clients, subcontractors and colleagues, we manage all our processes in order to make them harmonized with applicable legal and other requirements, to prevent any form of pollution and ensure health of people.


Employees: We pay particular attention to education, training and advancement of our employees. Competent and motivated employees, their experience and expertise as well as responsible attitude towards the job and the clients, present a guarantee of permanent improvement of the quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients.


Health and Safety: We consider health protection of people and safety at work place of paramount importance and we aim to reach high goals and standards in accordance with international norms and practices. By conducting internal educational programs, we raise awareness of care and preservation of health and environment among all our employees, as well as of implementation of the work process in a safe way according to the requirements stipulated in the norm BS OHSAS 18001:2007. In Montelektro, the health and safety at work comprises creating a safe work environment by identifying and classifying all potential harmful influences and risk situations. Potential risks faced by the employees, external associates and our visitors who may be exposed to the influence of activities undertaken by the company, should be eliminated or reduced to acceptable measure. By providing top quality and good products, it is necessary to meet the expectations of both clients and consumers.


Responsibilities: Pursuant to legal regulations, national and international standards and in compliance with the Business Code of Ethics, we contribute to the quality of products, preservation and improvement of the environment as well as occupational health and safety. We treat all natural resources, the users of our services and social community with responsibility. It is our aim to improve technological processes in our work in order to make them energy efficient and to have a minimum impact on health and safety of people and environmental pollution.


Relationships with suppliers: A quality relationship with suppliers is reflected on the quality of our products and services towards end users. For this reason, we tend to develop long-term and partner relationships with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and respect.



Continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment & Occupational Health and Safety presents a permanent task of all employees as well as our subcontractors whom we may influence.



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