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The end of Montelektro summer internship program 2021

October 4, 2021



For the last couple of years, Montelektro has been closely cooperating with the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computing in providing their students with the possibility to acquire practical knowledge and skills through working experience in the company.
During the recent summer season, eight students have attended Montelekto’s summer internship programs in our office in Sveta Nedelja. Supervised by our experts, they had an opportunity to implement their gained knowledge in electrical engineering, programming the process control systems, designing SCADA systems, and all other aspects of industrial automation. Since Montelektro is one of the world’s leading system integrator companies in the field of the brewing industry, the students also got valuable information about the whole brewing process technology.
That will help them not only in a better understanding of beer production but also in getting an insight into production processes in the food and beverage industry as a whole.
Within the three-week internship, Montelektro gets valuable support in everyday activities and an opportunity to detect potential future scholarship beneficiaries and employees. On the other side, students have a chance to upgrade and extend their knowledge and to find out how much they enjoy automation engineering. By attending an internship in Montelektro, they can also get inspiration for their graduate thesis.
For all those who fulfill the company’s employment requirements, there is also a possibility to continue the cooperation through the student job or full-time job once they graduate.
This autumn, our team has been expanded with two automation engineers who used to be Montelektro’s scholarship beneficiaries and students attending our internship program.
So far, over 30 students have attended internships, while 11 of them have been financially supported through the Montelektro scholarship program.


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