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Tech Talk by Mislav Gazdović

March, 24 2022


As part of Montelektro’s sponsorship cooperation with the Club of Electrical Engineering Students (KSET), last week’ Tech Talk event was held by Mislav Gazdović, Montelektro’s automation expert and Lead Engineer at R&D Department.

Tech Talk “Software development and automation technology – We are two different worlds, or maybe not” has gathered   around 30 students of electrical engineering and computing.

It was an excellent occasion for introducing students to Montelektro and the company’s job opportunities, but primarily for an open discussion about applying good software development practices in automation.

Although, at first sight, automation and software development are two different worlds, the rich working experience of Mislav Gazdovic shows how much both parties can learn from each other.

Modernization of the production process around the world places increasing demands on automation. Therefore the selected principles, such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), KISS (Keep It Simple …), YAGNI (You Ain’t Gonna Need) It), appeared to be a good basis for a fascinating discussion and exchange of experiences in these two related but different areas.

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