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Women in Engineering

November 15, 2022 



With the support of Montelektro and other companies and institutions, the student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers from Rijeka University has organized the “Women in Engineering” Conference at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka.

The event’s main goal was to present successful female engineers and their various engineering projects that significantly impact the improvement of the whole society.
As a company that supports such events and strives for a more substantial inclusion of women in the engineering world, Montelekro supported the event by engaging four ladies from its team.
Thus, electrical engineers Maja Sohora and Ivona Stajić and automation engineers Mia Vrbat and Maja Boljkovac held a presentation, ” Montelektro’s female engineers modernize world industry and break stereotypes.”

Each lady presented her own story of becoming an engineer, facing various challenges, and working on demanding automation and electrical engineers across the globe.
With this presentation, the students got a better overview of what they could expect once they graduate and get a job in an automation company, as well as what it looks like to work at Montelektro.

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