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Tobacco (MKR)


Our turnkey solutions also apply to the tobacco industry. We have gained valuable knowledge and experience by working with Garbuio, a leading Italian tobacco producer. Thanks to this successful cooperation, which has included our support in the automation&commissioning of the presses and plants for primary treatment of tobacco, and processing root and stem, we have opened the door of this specific industry.

Today, tobacco producers recognize us a reliable partner capable to meet the requirements of plants of different sizes and types.
We have successfully reconstructed tobacco factories in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we cooperate with leading producers and plants for tobacco leaf preparation. One of our most important projects in Southeast Europe is the relocation of TDR’s manufacturing facility to the new greenfield factory in Kanfanar, Croatia. Within this project, Montelekto provided a client with complete equipment supply, installation, and commissioning of an electrical substation, energy distribution, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, IT and telephone network and fire protection system.

We also cooperate with all other world’s prominent companies specialized for the production and processing of tobacco as well as with producers of equipment for the tobacco industry.




Tobacco Factory Udbina

Tobacco Factory Udbina is specialized in the production, packaging, and distribution of fine-cut tobacco. The factory which was established in 1997 today hires 40 employees.
Given that modernization and automation of the entire production process are very important for achieving efficient production and product quality, they have engaged Montelektro for automation of the equipment of an older generation equipment, made in Bulgaria and Croatia.
Besides automation, Montelektro provided the client with all other activities which turnkey solution includes: electro-engineering, cabinets production, installation, and commissioning.
Montelektro continues cooperation with Tobacco Factory Udbina by providing maintenance support and system upgrade services.


Evans MacTavish Agricraft

Montelektro has also accomplished successful cooperation with Evans MacTavish Agricraft, the leading American supplier of equipment for the tobacco industry. This cooperation is related to providing turnkey solutions for primary processing of tobacco in factories based in America, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and all other parts of the world.
A great example of successful cooperation is also the one related to the tobacco factory in Bangladesh, the second-largest tobacco producer in that country. After the company owner, Akij Group had bought the solution from Evans MacTavish Agricraft, Montelektro made the electro-engineering project for the plant that produces 12 tonnes of tobacco per hour.
One of the world’s largest tobacco producers, Japan Tobacco International, recognized the quality and high-potential of this plant and acquired it in 2018.