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The 32nd anniversary of Montelektro

June, 12 2022


After two years of break caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and related gathering restrictions, at the beginning of June 2022, Montelektro organized the traditional event for the employees and their families. The reason for the gathering of the employees from offices in Kastav, Sveta Nedelja, Labin, and Slatina was the celebration of the company’s 32nd anniversary.
Spending a whole day in nature and enjoying the delicious dishes characteristic of the region of Gorski kotar was fulfilled with the competition in the rope pulling and carrying a partner but also in having fun with archery or axes trowing. Within the employees’ gathering in the Forrest Fairy Tale, there was an exciting children’s entertainment program, such as feeding the wild animals like deers, boars, and roe deers.
Montelektro’ s summer birthday parties are always an excellent opportunity for presenting the jubilee rewards and recognitions to the employees who celebrate their jubilee working anniversary in Montelektro.
This year, Sanjin Budak, Sanja Horvat Međimorac, Velimir Josipović and Arno Ružička celebrated ten years of their work at Montelektro; Aleksandra Šafranko, Zoran Černeka, Marko Himelreich, Robert Horvat, Gaj Ivančić, Pavao Maković and Damir Tubin 15 years and Davorin Mišković celebrated twenty years of the devoted work in Montelektro.
All celebrants were presented with symbolic plaques and rewards proportionally to the length of the service in the company.

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