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Tech Talk by Damir Habuš

April 14, 2023


As a part of Montelektro’s cooperation with the Club of Electrical Engineering Students, our automation expert and Senior Team Leader at the Automation & IT Department, Damir Habuš, held a Tech Talk, “Data Is The New Oil – Yes, But What a Use if You Don’t Know What To Do With That.”

The electrical engineering and computing students get an opportunity to find out how it looks like the typical working day at Montelektro and what challenges engineers face in their everyday work while creating solutions for the modernization of the brewing industry.

Damir Habuš explained the difference between brownfield and greenfield projects, Process Control Systems (PCS), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), as well as why it is essential to understand the specific technological processes. However, his presentation mainly focused on the differences between IT and OT environments, the big data that the system collects during the production process, and the importance of its analysis and usage.

He also expressed his opinion on bringing together the IT and OT worlds as quickly as possible and the importance of implementing experiences and knowledge from both environments.

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