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Response to ‘ESXiArgs’ Ransomware Attacks by exploiting CVE-2021-21974

February 13, 2023


The company’s primary concern is the cyber security of software solutions Montelektro delivers to clients.


As a part of such policy, Montelektro’s IT department has issued a document that helps clients quickly respond to the critical vulnerability in Open SLP, identified by CVE-2021-21974 and CVE-2021, which has been publicly disclosed in 2021 and which allows for remote execution by exploiting the heap-overflow issue in OpenSLP service.


Over the past few days, unpatched and unprotected VMware ESXi servers have been targeted in a large-scale ransomware attack (dubbed “ESXiArgs) exploiting this vulnerability. Generally, these exploits target ESXi hosts exposed to the outside world on port 427.


Montelektro is aware of this vulnerability and of how it could, if exploited, potentially impact our customers’ environments. Our team has been continuously monitoring security advisors published by vendors. As the event is ongoing and new information will be available, we kindly ask our clients to visit our website and regularly check the updates posted here.


Click at this link for the valid document ” Security Advisory Response to “ESXiArgs” Ransomware Attacks by exploiting CVE-2021-21974″.





Earlier versions of  the document:

“ESXiArgs” Ransomware Attacks by exploiting CVE-2021-21974, February 13 2023





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