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Montelektro began a long-term cooperation with the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in 1994, by working on the various projects in factories specialized in medicament production, chemicals, and final product storage.
The pharmaceutical industry requires a serious and professional approach that complies with the highest international standards and regulations. Compared to others, it is very specific for many reasons.
Therefore, our long-standing presence on this market is an excellent confirmation of Montelektro’s knowledge and the ability to realize the most demanding and sophisticated projects in many industries.
Pliva, Genera, and Belupo are some of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies in South Europe that have entrusted to us in the past.
By taking care of their needs, possibilities, and limitations, we have successfully implemented our turnkey solutions in their factories.





Pliva is the leading pharmaceutical company in Southeast Europe and the largest in Croatia, established in 1921.
Since 2008, it has been a part of Teva Group, one of the world’s largest producers of generic medicines.
Successful cooperation between Pliva and Montelektro has lasted over 20 years. In that period, Montelektro has implemented solutions that contributed to the improvement of production processes at Pliva, like automation system for reactors for infusion solutions production, reconstruction of automation system for OTC production, liquid material warehouse, flammable liquids warehouse, and three centrifuges. Other than that, we also delivered solutions for the reconstruction and automation of purified water production and distribution. By taking part in the project of building a new highly automated tablet plant production and transport system in the tablet plant warehouse, we have installed and put into operation many of Simatic PLCs.
Before installation and commissioning, Montelektro has made electrical and instrumentation project documentation for new biotechnological plants, technological water, and pure steam production and distribution; reconstruction of small volume synthesis semi-pilot plant, and galenic production.




The collaboration between Genera and Montelektro began in the mid-1990s when this pharmaceutical company was part of Pliva.
It continued even after 2000 when they became an independent company under the name Veterina, later renamed to Genera as well as after 2015 when their 100% owner became Dechra Pharmaceuticals, an English producer of veterinary pharmaceutical products.
Therefore, Montelektro provides Genera with technical support for over two decades.
We have implemented our solutions in the following projects: reconstruction and automation of granulator control system and production plant with three granulators, installation of ethanol recuperation plant and delivery, installation, and start-up of the granulator.