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Organization of the corporate sailing

September 29, 2022.


From its beginnings, Montelektro has been a company strongly oriented to the employees and their satisfaction, always striving to improve the working conditions and ensure a quality work-life balance.
Being aware that the source of the success of every company is a strong team that consists of individuals who trust each other and are ready to share knowledge and experience to achieve mutual success, Montelektro organizes several teambuilding activities for the employees.
These activities mainly involve running competitions, football, or traditional games within yearly gatherings with the employees and their families. However, the company’s most exciting event is undoubtedly a corporate sailing tour. After three years of a break caused by Covid 19 pandemic restrictions, Montelektro organized a sailing event through Croatian islands Krk, Cres, Lošinj, and Rab in September 2022.
Besides enjoying the last days of summer at the Adriatic sea, corporate sailing is an excellent model of strengthening relations between the team, especially between those colleagues who work in different locations. Moreover, adapting to unpredictable situations during sailing, sharing limited living space with a group of diverse personalities, and facing various challenges for each individual is a way of testing its boundaries and contributing to building a solid team and empowering team spirit.
That is why the company will continue supporting such teambuilding activities and encourage the employees to join them.


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