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Modernization of the Medibel Juice Terminal

May 26, 2022


In May 2022, Montelektro successfully commissioned a process control system for the newly constructed Medibel juice terminal at Vlissingen seaport in The Netherlands. The end customer and investor, Medibel, is a Belgium-based company and one of the largest producers of custom-made products for the juice industry that has been present in the market for decades.

The project that has lasted nine months included engineering, development, and delivery of the process control system and related equipment and on-site work for the software launch.

The orange juice is delivered to Medibel from Brasil by ships and stored in tanks from where it is transferred by trucks to customers or by a direct pipeline to the nearby AMC company specialized for orange juice processing and bottling.

By putting the new process control system at Medibel Juice Terminal into operation, Montelektro has continued successful collaboration with its Dutch client, Trilobes BV, which has ordered a service for Medibel.

Previously, Montelektro has carried out several projects for Trilobes’s end clients, such as Citrofrut Paso Largo, Mexico, and LDC Vessel Project.

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