O nama


In design phase of project we can offer documentation for building permission as a set of mutually matching projects that provide a technical solution of building and proves the fulfillment of essential building requirements, as well as other requirements of of the relevant nationaal construction law, special regulations and technical specifications.


We can also produce documentation for production of electrical cubicle as a set of required documents such as circuit diagram, cable list, wiring list, component list, I/O signal list, 3D modeling, CNC drilling/milling input file, smart wiring, wire tagging, etc.


In construction phase we can offer erection documentation for carrying out site construction works. This includes cable list, motor and signals list, site layouts, cable routes (2D/3D), power distribution block diagram, IO network distribution blok diagram, grounding and bounding diagram, panel disposition, etc. Supervisor produce construction site works plan and job status document.


During construction phase we can also produce testing documentation for carrying out necessary tests of the installed electrical installation according IEC 60364-6. This includes insulation cable test, continuity test of protective conductor and bonding conductor. We can also do full test of the equipment and instruments, sequence tests (no-load test), functional test and operational test.


In the final stage of construction we can offer commissioning documentation which may contain as-built documentation, tehnical construction file and user manual. If necessary, we can offer functional description specification (FDS), installation qualification document (IQ) and operation qualification document (OQ).


For maintenance purposes we can produce maintenance documentation which includes maintenance manual for electrical panel and for control and supervision system.