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Greenfield project for Lindemans Brewery

November 22, 2021



The private, independent brewery Lindemans has been producing beer since 1822. Their lambic beer is among the most special beers in the world due to its unique fermentation process. Following growing market demand, Lindemans decided to start up a new additional site near Brussels, covering complete beer production – Raw material handling, Brewhouse and Cold Block. Raw material handling has been designed and supplied by Poeth, and Brewhouse and Cold Block by Steinecker (Krones), both Montelektro’s long-term partners. Montelektro scope included design, engineering and delivery of electrical panels for Raw material handling, anddesign, engineering, and delivery of the automation system, based on the Montelektro PCS platform. The scope further included application software and commissioning of the complete beer production process. First brews have been successfully brewed in November 2021, and brewing continues successfully; complete handover is scheduled for February 2022; until then, Montelektro experts will cover production and assist staff in ensuring smooth production.

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