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The world’s second-largest brewing company, Heineken picked Montelektro for the automation system migration project in their brewery in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

Brewery in Den Bosch annually produces 7,5 Mhl of a beer. It has 50 raw material silos, three brewhouse lines, 150 beer fermentation/maturation tanks, 15 yeast tanks, 50 final product tanks, six beer filtration lines, four beer centrifugal separator units and two beer pasteurizer units. Size of their automation system includes over 100 Rockwell CPUs replaced with 25 Siemens CPUs, 45 000 control modules, 1 200 automation sequences, 2 systems servers with SQL database, ten engineering stations and 50 operator workstations with multiple numbers of monitors.


To migrate the automation system, the customer required high-quality software, pre-MI, and MI as well as short implementation with minimal intervention on production. Therefore, Montelektro’s responsibility was to replace the existing automation system for the production and utility area by using ProLeiT brewmaxx platform. The work included I/O replacement, PLC/HMI system implementation, MES implementation, IT implementation, interfacing with other parts of the plant, automatic route and target selection during the process, personnel training and project management. The project lasted 5 years and was divided into five phases. After delivering a complete solution, the client signed the SLA contract in order to have 24/7 support from Montelektro’s team of experts.

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Over 60 Heineken breweries across the world use the Brewmaxx process control system. As one of the leading system integrators of this Proleit’s PCS and thanks to the expertise gained in large Heineken breweries such as those in Den Bosch, Meoqui, and others, Montelektro has been again engaged to change over the existing PCS and to modernize production in their brewery in South Africa.

Our experts had to prepare the automation project that includes the replacement of over 10 000 components.
It took two years for our engineers to prepare and design the project before it was delivered to the client.
The commissioning was done by 17 experts in four teams during two weeks, the first of which required 24/7 team coverage.

Although much more downtime was planned, the only delays were due to the maintenance issues, and the commissioning priority was given to product quality, not to shortcuts. Furthermore, there were no problems after all installations have been handed over, and the first production started.

The new automation system for beer and cider production improved many processes. It provided the client with modern software, the ability to restore the fundamental conditions by removing all workaround, and better checks on equipment and the process.
It also brought functionalities for troubleshooting, such as logging on operator level, video mode, and better visualization of issues. The new automation system also allows the operator to check conditions for the next step in the sequence instead of the automation engineer.
This replacement project is the biggest in Heineken’s history since it was done in only one phase. It was also one of the most complex projects for Montelektro in this part of the world.

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One of the most important Montelektro’s greenfield projects is the delivery of turnkey solutions for a brewery in Mexican Apan. The brewery’s annual production capacity is 12MhL and is a part of the world’s largest brewing group, AbinBev. It consists of 190 units, for which we had to prepare and implement an electro-engineering and automation project. Hardware engineering included drawings according to the customer’s requirements and Mexican norms and standards. It was also necessary to adapt to the requirements of different communication channels (Ethernet, Profinet, FO, AS-i, Profibus PA & DP, PLC). The complete electro-project included specification of network and panel equipment, all cables, cable trays, and accessories.


Within this project, Montelektro delivered and put into operation 64 MCC panels, 34 field signal panels, and 5 PLC panels.


Besides that, we have delivered more than 250 km of various cables, and the entire cable route was 15 km long. In software engineering, we have used Siemens Braumat V7.1 and testing was done in Montelektro’s virtual environment. Our team of experts has managed commissioning and start-up process that included installation of the complete network, electrical installation, preparation of all communication to the brewery and 3rd parties, connecting interface of all units and testing production process and equipment.”

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Belje is the biggest agricultural company in Southeast Europe that has been producing homemade-quality food for over three centuries. Today, they hire 1800 employees who work in the production of milk and cheese, cured meat, vegetables, cereals, wines, and fodder food.


Our common success story is related to implementing Montelektro’s solution in their fodder production facility, which yearly produces 300 000 tons of animal feed. Within this project, we have modernized their plant in Darda by automating a complete production and material and recipe management. By integrating it with SAP, we have also enabled production reporting.


The project included the automation of machines and systems of different producers with a total power of 3MW: SIMATIC operator panels, ET200S distributed periphery, IFIX SCADA system, ABB drives, Scheider Electric soft-starters, SIMATIC operator panels, as well as Montelektro’s MCC and control cabinets.

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