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Following the corporate values of the company by supporting sports activities

October 20, 2021



As a socially responsible company, Montelektro supports various events which promote education, sports, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Moreover, providing a quality work-life balance is among the most important corporate values of our company. Supporting such events, among other things, encourages employees to participate and enjoy competition, network with people of common interests, and strengthen relations with their teammates. Besides that, it is also a great way to connect the company with the local community. 

Therefore, every year, Montelektro sponsors an event called 9.99, a running competition on 6.66 km or 9.99 km that brings together hundreds of passionate runners or enthusiasts just looking for fun and good company. 

In October 2021,  fifteen Montelektro employees were a part of the 5th edition of the running competition that has been held in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Orešje, located near Montelektro’s office in Sveta Nedelja.  

It was an excellent occasion for spending Sunday morning in the fresh air and strengthening team spirit. 


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