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Celebrating the 30th anniversary

At the end of May 2020, Montelektro symbolically marked the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding. The previously scheduled celebration had, unfortunately, to be canceled due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Still, the company’s management came up with a convenient way to mark this important date, inviting Montelektro clients, associates, partners and friends to make a toast in honor of the past and future collaboration, exactly on May 29 at noon, everyone in their office or home.


Although this jubilee was celebrated in circumstances that until recently seemed unimaginable, it met with numerous sympathies, and congratulations to Montelektro’s employees and management came from all over the world.


“Despite the fact that we could not celebrate this big event as planned, we remembered the past thirty years during which we implemented our projects worldwide, and grew from a small electrical engineering company to a respectable company that employs more than 160 employees. Today, we are recognized as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of system integration in the brewing industry, in which we have successfully implemented more than 250 automation projects worldwide. We are proud of all our employees who have contributed to the creation of a strong Montelectro, capable of implementing the most demanding automation projects not only in the brewing and food industry but also in the cement, pharmaceutical, tobacco, and steel industries. Thanks to them, proud of everything we have done so far, we are looking to the future full of optimism and readiness to achieve new business success”, said on this occasion Mr. Edvin Šafranko, Board member.


Montelektro was founded back in 1990 in Rijeka. In the meantime, the company has expanded its business to Zagreb (Sveta Nedelja), where the construction of a new, modern building is underway, which will house new office space and a logistics center.





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