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Beers brewed by Montelektro lead automation engineer win medals in international competition

October 11, 2021 



By developing automation solutions for small and large breweries around the world, our engineers have gained exceptional insight into all aspects of beer production.

Thanks to this, they have an excellent understanding of the complete brewing process technology, which helps them create solutions capable of responding to all challenges of such complex processes.

Moreover, working for the brewing industry has inspired some of our engineers to try brewing beer in their spare time. One of the most successful among them is our lead engineer and a passionate homebrewer, Bojan Grdinić, who has been presenting his beers in various international competitions.

Thus, his outstanding skills in making tasteful beer have resulted in winning the medals at recent international homebrewing competitions.

While the Triple Tapir beer of a Belgian Tripel style won 1st place and gold medal, the beer named Cocoapir, made with cocoa nibs and vanilla won the 2nd place and silver medal at the Romanian homebrewing competition.

Few days after that, the Sweet Kolsch beer, co-brewed by Bojan Grdinic, won the bronze medal in the Croatian Homebrew Competition.

So far, various beers brewed by Bojan Grdinić have won 32 medals in various international competitions.





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