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One of the world’s leading steel producers, Arcelor Mittal, in its plant in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland, had a need to reduce the emission of waste dust generated in the sintering process. By replacing the two existing ESP filters with modern, hybrid filters, they ensured the desired dust reduction on the sintering line. The hybrid filter itself consists of three parts: the first part is designed on the model of ESP and is intended for collecting heavier and larger parts of dust, and the other two resemble bag filters and therefore much simpler and easier to collect even the smallest waste particles. Hybrid filters are a combination of the best technology that combines ESP and textile filters. In order to obtain the best possible results, dry sorbent and activated carbon injection systems have been additionally installed. Namely, the dry sorbent enables the removal of sulfur dioxide. Thanks to its fire-retardant properties, it reduces flammability, and its application to the surface of the bags creates a protective layer against hydrocarbons and acidic ingredients. On the other hand, the injection of activated carbon ensures the removal of dioxins from the flue gases. Since such injection is an ATEX installation, special equipment and compliance with special protocols are required for this procedure. In this process, the dust mixed with the additives from the filter tanks is recycled in the filter and thus contributes to the saving of lime. The rest of the material is transferred to the remaining silos from where it is unloaded into trucks.
The engagement of Montelektro experts included the design and delivery of a fully automated control system. Uninterruptible power supplies have been designed and delivered, and PLC and HMI control programs have been developed and delivered.





Shagang Group is reputed to be China’s largest privately owned steel producer and is listed among the world’s ten largest steelmakers. The company employs more than 40,000 workers and produces more than 40 million tons of steel annually in its plants.
In collaboration with the Austrian company Inteco, Montelektro designed and delivered a five-lane foundry system with dynamic soft reduction for the Zhangjiangang plant. The foundry itself is intended for production of square steel beams of 300×400 mm, which are used in the production of construction, spring and load-bearing steel as well as the highest quality steel cords for tires.
Montelektro’s experts developed a complete, automated control system that included PLC and HMI control programs and electrical panels.