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Low Voltage Cabinets

We offer various types of low-voltage cabinets for industry and power distribution:

Low-voltage distrib

ution plants

  • Control cabinets for motor control centres (MCC)
  • Cabinets for AC and DC regulated drives
  • PLC and DCS cabinets
  • Control, protection and measurement cabinet

Depending on application requirements, we offer:

  • Various forms (enclosure type)
  • Explosion protection (Ex) solutions (for dust or gas hazardous areas)
  • Ingress protection solutions (protection against mechanical and water impact)


Before use, each component is subjected to rigorous incoming inspection. This  guarantees the use of high-quality and conforming components only, and ensures their traceability.  We use only first-class products such as ABB, Siemens and Schneider, depending on customers’requirements.

Prior to delivery, products are subjected to extensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in accordance with:

  • International standard IEC
  • Other international and national standards according to customer’s and end user’s requirements
  • Specific contract requirements